Water Mold Temperature Controller
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Water Mold Temperature Controller Water Mold Temperature Controller
Water Mold Temperature Controller Water Mold Temperature Controller
Water Mold Temperature Controller Water Mold Temperature Controller


Water Mold Temperature Controller

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Type: Thermo-XW
Heating capacity: 6-192kW
Heating medium: Water
Temperature control range:25~120℃

With over 10 000 units in use, Wudin Thermo-X temperature control units has become the global market leader. The unit technology has always been focused on quality and durability. With advanced oil heating system and temperature control technology, it provides excellent thermal stability and fast heat-up speed. The user-friendly interface and intuitive controls make it easy to operate and maintain.


Intelligently networked (RS485 optional)

Brilliant touch screen (switch type optional)

No failures (Ultra-low maintenance)

Expertise and Passion (We put all our intelligence and passion into the Thermo-X. for better performance)

Technical parameter:

1.Advanced technology of WUDIN

Optimal design of flow and heat transfer in high efficiency heating loop

Professional design team for performance optimization design

2.Optimum control with WUDIN Intelligence

Unique dynamic optimization and control algorithms

Complete safety protection design

High efficiency and energy saving operation strategy design

Schematic diagram

User-friendly Industrial High Performance Energy-saving Plastic Injection Water Mold Temperature Controller for Automotive /Electronic/Medical Devices

  • Plastic Injection Molding: The water mold temperature controller is specifically designed for plastic injection molding processes. It is suitable for a wide range of plastic materials and applications, including automotive parts, consumer goods, electronic components, medical devices, and more. It ensures precise temperature control to achieve consistent part quality and dimensional stability.

  • Blow Molding: This temperature controller can also be used in blow molding processes, where it helps maintain optimal mold temperatures for producing high-quality blow-molded products such as bottles, containers, and hollow parts.

  • Extrusion Molding: For extrusion molding applications, the water mold temperature controller ensures efficient cooling of extrusion dies, helping to maintain consistent product dimensions and surface finish.

  • Other Molding Processes: The temperature controller's precise temperature control and high-performance cooling capabilities make it suitable for various other molding processes, including rotational molding, compression molding, and transfer molding.

The company has passed related quality certifications, ISO9001,CE,Special equipment production license and various invention patents.

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