Reactor Temperature Control
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Reactor Temperature Control Reactor Temperature Control
Reactor Temperature Control Reactor Temperature Control


Reactor Temperature Control

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Type: NSDT
Heating capacity: 6-192kW
Heating medium: Thermal oil
Temperature control range: -45℃~350 ℃

What is Reactor temperature control?

Reactor temperature control is a system or device used to regulate and maintain the temperature of a reactor in various industrial processes. It is commonly employed in chemical, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical industries where precise temperature control is crucial for optimizing reaction rates, ensuring product quality, and enhancing process efficiency.

The dynamic temperature control system is designed to achieve precise and reproducible temperature control results. Proven functionality for process industry was achieved with wide temperature ranges with no fluid change.


Intelligently networked (RS485 optional)

Brilliant touch screen (Easy to operate)

No failures (Ultra-low maintenance)

Expertise and Passion (We put all our intelligence and passion into the system design for better performance)

Technical parameter:

1.Advanced technology of WUDIN

Optimal design of flow and heat transfer in high efficiency heating loop

Professional design team for performance optimization design

2.Optimum control with WUDIN Intelligence

Unique dynamic optimization and control algorithms

Complete safety protection design

High efficiency and energy saving operation strategy design

Schematic diagram

Industrial Reliable High Efficiency Reactor Temperature Control for Chemical/Pharmaceutical /Petrochemical

  • Chemical Synthesis: In chemical synthesis processes, precise temperature control is critical for achieving the desired reaction rate, selectivity, and product yield. Reactor temperature control systems are used to maintain optimal temperatures during exothermic or endothermic reactions, promoting efficient and controlled chemical transformations.

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: In pharmaceutical production, reactors are often used for the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and other critical compounds. Reactor temperature control ensures the reproducibility and consistency of reactions, enabling the synthesis of high-quality pharmaceutical products.

  • Polymerization: Polymerization reactions, such as the production of plastics or rubbers, require strict temperature control to achieve the desired molecular weight, polymer structure, and product properties. Reactor temperature control plays a crucial role in controlling the reaction kinetics and optimizing the polymerization process.

The company has passed related quality certifications, ISO9001,CE,Special equipment production license and various invention patents.

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