Inverter Screw Chiller
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Inverter Screw Chiller Inverter Screw Chiller


Inverter Screw Chiller

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Commercial/Industrial Energy Efficient High Performance Self Contained Vacuum Insulated

Inverter Screw Chiller

  • Inverter Screw Chillers, also known as variable speed screw chillers, are widely used in various commercial, industrial, and institutional applications that require efficient and flexible cooling.

  • Commercial Buildings: Inverter Screw Chillers are commonly used in commercial buildings such as offices, shopping malls, hotels, and hospitals. They provide cooling for air conditioning systems, ensuring comfortable indoor environments for occupants. The variable speed capability allows the chiller to adjust its cooling capacity based on the actual cooling demand, resulting in energy savings and improved efficiency.

  • Industrial Processes: These chillers find applications in various industrial processes that require cooling. They can be used in manufacturing facilities, chemical plants, and refineries to cool equipment, machinery, and processes. The variable speed operation enables precise temperature control, allowing for efficient cooling and improved process performance.

  • Data Centers: Inverter Screw Chillers are suitable for cooling data centers, where a stable and controlled environment is crucial for the proper operation of servers and IT equipment. The chiller can adapt its cooling capacity based on the heat load generated by the equipment, ensuring optimal cooling efficiency and energy savings.

  • Cold Storage and Warehousing: Inverter Screw Chillers are utilized in cold storage facilities and refrigerated warehouses to maintain low temperatures for the storage of perishable goods. The variable speed operation allows the chiller to respond to changing cooling demands, optimizing energy usage and preserving product quality.

The company has passed related quality certifications, ISO9001,CE,Special equipment production license and various invention patents.

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