High And Low Temp Test Machine
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High And Low Temp Test Machine High And Low Temp Test Machine
High And Low Temp Test Machine High And Low Temp Test Machine


High And Low Temp Test Machine

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Model: NSDC
Brand: Wudin
Cooling capacity: 3kW to 60kW
Heating capacity: 6kW to 96kW
Temperature control range: -25℃ to 80 ℃

Reliable Economical High And Low Temp Test Machine for Electronics/Automotive/Aerospace/Medical Equipment

Main components:

Control System: The control system is used to set and adjust the temperature parameters of the test machine. It can precisely control the temperature ramp rates, maintain a stable temperature balance, and record temperature variation data.

Heating and Cooling Systems: The heating system and cooling system are employed to provide high and low temperature environments, respectively. The heating system usually utilizes electric heating elements or gas heaters, while the cooling system employs a compressor or refrigerant cycle to lower the temperature.

Test Chamber: The test chamber is an enclosed space that accommodates the test samples, such as products, materials, or equipment. It possesses good insulation properties to maintain a stable temperature under high or low temperature conditions.

Sensors and Monitoring Devices: Sensors are utilized to monitor the temperature inside the test chamber in real-time and transmit the data to the control system for processing and recording. Monitoring devices typically include temperature displays, alarm systems, and data loggers.

Dynamic temperature control system

The dynamic temperature control system is designed to achieve precise and reproducible temperature control results. Proven functionality for process industry was achieved with wide temperature ranges with no fluid change.


Outlet temperature range:-25℃ to 80℃

Power supply: customized

Air cooled or water cooled condenser

Our advantages

• Brand scroll compressor, such as: Copeland, Sanyo, Panasonic.

• High efficiency evaporator and V type finned condenser.

• 304 SS water tank to prevent corrosion and rust.

• PID controller system to maintain accuracy within 0.1℃.

• Electrical accessories, OMRON、ABB、SCHNEIDER、SIEMENS etc.

• Convenient operation and easy for installation and maintenance

• Multiple safety protection to ensure safety

Schematic diagram:

The company has passed related quality certifications, ISO9001,CE,Special equipment production license and various invention patents.

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