-25℃ Water-Cooled Chiller
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 -25℃ Water-Cooled Chiller  -25℃ Water-Cooled Chiller
 -25℃ Water-Cooled Chiller  -25℃ Water-Cooled Chiller
 -25℃ Water-Cooled Chiller  -25℃ Water-Cooled Chiller


-25℃ Water-Cooled Chiller

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Brand: WUDIN
Cooling capacity: 3kW to 60kW

-25℃ Water cooled chiller

Wudin is a professional manufacturer of quality water chiller products. Modular type water cooled chillers adopt shell and tube heat exchanger or plate heat exchanger. The chiller has been filled with refrigerant before delivery. Each unit was extensively tested to verify its operational reliability, the unit can be placed in service after being connected with power supply.


Outlet temperature range: -25℃.~ +25℃

Power supply: customized

Refrigerating medium: glycol, calcium chloride solution

Our advantages

• Brand scroll compressor, such as: Copeland, Sanyo, Panasonic.

• High efficiency evaporator and V type finned condenser.

• 304 SS water tank to prevent corrosion and rust.

• PID controller system to maintain accuracy within 0.1℃.

• Electrical accessories, OMRON、ABB、SCHNEIDER、SIEMENS etc.

• Convenient operation and easy for installation and maintenance

• Multiple safety protection to ensure safety

Schematic diagram:

Customized Industrial High Performance Space Saving Clean Rooms Low Noise Water Cooled Chiller

  • Clean Rooms: The water cooled chiller is specifically designed for clean room applications, where precise and efficient cooling is essential to maintain controlled environments. It provides reliable cooling for pharmaceutical facilities, electronics manufacturing, laboratories, and other clean room environments.

  • HVAC Systems: Our water cooled chiller can be integrated into HVAC systems to provide cooling for commercial and industrial buildings. It offers efficient and reliable cooling for offices, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, data centers, and other large-scale applications.

  • Research and Development: The precise temperature control and efficient cooling performance of our water cooled chiller make it suitable for research and development laboratories. It helps maintain stable temperature conditions for experiments, pharmaceutical research, and other scientific applications.

The company has passed related quality certifications, ISO9001,CE,Special equipment production license and various invention patents.

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